Why Should the Arctic be Your Next Cruise?

Nichole S. Gehr

Arctic glaciers, pack ice, fjords, icebergs, mountains, polar bears—a dream come correct when you practical experience an Arctic cruise.

Mainly because it’s the trip of a life time to special and scarce territories, polar cruises are growing in recognition every single 12 months and are popular with all ages. Excursions travel to Norway, Greenland, Spitzbergen, and Iceland. An Arctic cruise provides the unforgettable prospect to get shut to craggy fjords, snow-capped mountains, glaciers, and even icebergs!

Polar Arctic Cruise: A Special Expertise at the Leading of the Earth

The white lands of the Significantly North and the Arctic area have a distinctive magnetism. Traveling to the Arctic Circle is an incomparable encounter, bordering on the unspeakable. An exploration, the discovery of a new planet, an experience. People bucket record activities engrave indelible visuals in recollections and enrich new feelings.

arctic cruise

Cruising in the Arctic Circle is a bucket list working experience. Picture by Mathieu Gesta

Wander with Surprise invitations you to expertise the distinctive: tread the most remote lands of the globe, scan the horizon of an icy desert, dazzle by yourself with the excellent white silence, be dazzled by the infinity of the working day, and fulfill communities all around the earth.

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Astounding Animals to Uncover on Your Arctic Cruise

Is the polar landscape a good white desert? Certainly not! And it is in the ocean and on the coastline that life will take refuge. Whale observing is a well known exercise on Arctic cruises.

And, of class, the polar bear! The qualified seal hunter whose favored pure ecosystem and hunting ground is the ice floe, whose surface location unfortunately shrinks more every single 12 months. You should not wait around as well prolonged to possibly catch a glimpse of this majestic beast.

Arctic Cruise

Polar Bears in Lancaster Seem. Photo by Laurence Fischer courtesy Studio PONANT

One more emblem of the Considerably North, the walrus, is a large cousin of seals. You can realize the walrus by its tusks, which can grow to be extraordinary with age. We really should also point out the very little ringed seal, our beloved prey of the bear, and the bearded seal, a few occasions larger sized.

You can conveniently come across Beluga whales, narwhal, baleen whales, and Arctic dolphins in these cold, nutrient-abundant waters. Other whales you could possibly come across on an Arctic cruise include things like the humpback whale, minke whale, fin whale, and blue whale. On unusual situations, you might location a Greenland whale.

arctic cruise

Humpback whales diving between icebergs in Greenland. Photo by Mathias Rhode through iStock by Getty Photographs

The arctic avifauna is largely represented by seabirds—guillemots, penguins, puffins, fulmars, and kittiwakes—whose magnificent habitats are the sheer icy cliffs. But you can expect to also be ready to find birds in the tundra, in which birds nest in colonies in the expansive tundra. You can expect to discover geese, ducks, little waders, the discreet rock ptarmigan, the lesser snow bunting, and of course the arctic tern, acknowledged for its long migration!

arctic cruise

An Arctic Tern can take flight about the island of Spitsbergen, Svalbard. Photograph by RelaxedPace by means of iStock by Getty Images

Enduring the Northern Lights on your Arctic Cruise

Lastly, an Arctic cruise presents a probability to see one particular of the world’s most unforgettable wonders—the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. Initially uncovered in the 17th century by Galileo Galilei, this magical display of lights occurs when the solar wind interacts with the Earth’s magnetic area. Witnessed most typically in March, April, September, and Oct, they offer you an unparalleled wow moment. Imagine traveling onboard a high-class cruise ship, sipping a champagne cocktail, admiring the amazing celestial spectacle!

arctic cruise

Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) previously mentioned Stokksnes Beach front and Vestrahorn Mountains, Iceland. Picture by Jamen Percy through iStock by Getty Illustrations or photos

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When You Consider Your Arctic Cruise

Arctic scenery and wildlife are stunning. When you guide an Arctic cruise to expertise the lands of the Significantly North, you encounter the planet in a way you see nowhere else. We below at Wander adore checking out wow times and welcome you to check out out more of our favourite ordeals and strategies about cruising.

Arctic glaciers, pack ice, fjords, icebergs, mountains, polar bears—a dream come true when you experience an Arctic cruise.


Why Ought to the Arctic be Your Next Cruise?

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