May 29, 2023

Ensanta Catalina

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Why does the leader of the Tour de France wear a yellow jersey?

The Tour de France has been held for additional than a hundred many years, and is the most cycling party in the planet. Tour leaders famously use a yellow jersey, which is the sport’s most-coveted indication of prestige.

The shirt is awarded to the bicycle owner who sales opportunities the in general race at the finish of each and every phase.The maillot jaune is provided to the rider with the speediest time across the entire race, who then wears it in the next stage.

The beginnings of Tour de France’s yellow jersey

The leader of the race didn’t often use this shade to reveal his area in the race. Initially, the leading bike owner only wore a green armband to exhibit his dominance. Nevertheless, this was not a a quite visible signal of who the best rider was.

Henri Desgrange, cyclist, journalist and founder of the Tour, is credited with the concept of working with a shirt that would make it less difficult to identify who was in advance in the race. Desgrange was editor of L’Auto, the newspaper that funded the opposition, and the publication was printed on yellow paper. Thus, the jersey was manufactured to reflect this vivid colour.

Tour de France jerseys obtain recognition

Simply because of the good results and acceptance of the yellow jersey, other shades with other meanings were soon launched. There are now 3 other shirts that competitors can aspire to don– the polka dot, the inexperienced, and the white.

The polka dot jersey is specified to the rider identified to be the “King of the Mountain”, or the rider who tops the climber classification by dominating the mountain stages of the contest.

The inexperienced shirt is awarded to the details classification winners who garner the greatest quantities by finishing in the top 25.

The members of the race have to have to be 25 yrs old or a lot less to bag the white shirt, which is presented to youthful cyclists who clock the lowest general time in the race.