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Top 10 Waterfalls in Ontario worth exploring in 2022 for all travellers

The waterfalls in Ontario are an element of nature that deserves a detour wherever you are headed on your journey.

As the summer dawns on the snow-laden landscapes of Ontario, and the snow begins to melt, slowly giving way for nature to take over again, there’s no better time to explore the many waterfalls dotting this region. Call it the best time to make your way to the popular water streams or an excuse to spend more time outdoors, the waterfall season in this Canadian province is a magical time of the year that is undeniably attractive for the adventurous. From hidden gems hiding in the middle of valleys to touristic cascades that attract people from all over the world, we bring a curated selection of the best waterfalls in Ontario that are all worth a stop on your next exploration.

10 Popular Waterfalls In Ontario Worth The Detour

Unwinding in the comforts of the cityscape is a common experience, but making your way out to find natural wonders such as waterfalls in Ontario can make for a unique adventure unlike any before. If you are keen to discover these treasure troves of nature and bliss, read on to learn our top picks for your next itinerary.

1. Kakabeka Falls

undeniably attractive for the adventurous

At over 40 metres, the Kakabeka Falls is a highly-acclaimed natural wonder located inside the Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park. Also known as “the Niagara of the North” there’s a pedestrian bridge that takes you to the best viewpoint for taking in the view and learning about the Kaministiquia River along with the gorge nearby. There is a visitor centre where you can find updated information for your visit and a souvenir store.

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2. Sherman Falls

 these treasure troves of nature

Another waterfall that makes its way from above the Niagara Escarpment, Sherman Falls is a 17-meter high-curtain fall sourcing water from the Ancaster Creek. If you are planning to visit, make your way from the Lions Club Road and you can see the water cascading down from between forest trees as you make your journey from the highway to the basecamp. It is located on the Bruce Trail and a trip to the Old Mill Restaurant is recommended here.

3. The Devil’s Punchbowl

dynamic natural landmark

Image Credit: Nhl4hamilton for Wikipedia

If there’s a waterfall in Ontario that can be classified as the most dramatic, The Devil’s Punchbowl is both in its name and outlook a dynamic natural landmark that stands out among all. Falling from a height of 37-metre, the ribbon waterfall makes its way into a dome-shaped gorge which makes for a great natural scene. This waterfall calls the Stoney Creek community of Hamilton its home and you can also see the Toronto skyline from here on a clear day.

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4. Inglis Falls

highlands of Ontario

Image Credit: Peter K Burian for Wikipedia

A stunning waterfall located near the Owen Sound area of Ontario, Inglis Falls plummets down from a height of 18-metre alongside 7.42 meters of trails. This waterfall can be found inside the Inglis Falls Conservation Area and was created by the Sydenham River. There are multiple viewpoints from where you can observe and photograph the fall as well as learn about the surrounding ecosystem.

5. Duchesnay Falls

handful of waterfalls in Ontario

While there are a handful of waterfalls in Ontario that pair your experience with mesmerising forestland and trails, Duchesnay Falls offers more than just a glimpse of the cascade. The best place to observe a vantage point is off Highway 17 and if you are planning to touch down the base, opt for a walk from behind the Education Centre to make your way to the waterfall while also visiting Lake Nipissing and other cross-country trails.

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6. Bridal Veil Falls

soothing walk or small picnic

Located in Lake Huron’s Manitoulin Island, Bridal Veil Falls is a natural gem in the town of Kagawong. The Niagara Escarpment waterfall is at the end of a very easy hike from Hwy 540 in Kagawong. Make your way down a steel staircase that will lead you into a gorge from where you can see the falls up close and take a tour around it. Make sure that you plan as this fall is one of the most popular waterfalls in Ontario.

7. Sauble Falls

the most majestic natural wonders

Not only home to a popular waterfall, but the Sauble beach is also a popular Ontario town where summer is an extravagant fiesta of outdoor activities. Find yourself in the Sauble Falls Provincial Park which is home to the Sauble Falls. Flowing down the low steps of limestone cliffs, you can observe the white glistering water on a tour and if you have a day or two to spare, ask for the surrounding campground for a short stay to immerse yourself in the local beauty.

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8. Chedoke Falls

This falls is a natural gem

Amidst the busy city of Hamilton, the Chedoke Falls near the east branch of the Chedoke Creek is a serene spot where you can unwind from the bustle with a soothing walk or small picnic. With a height of 18-meters and a width of 9-meters, there is a residential area on Niagara Escarpment just above the waterfall which makes it a unique location to learn about.

9. Belfountain Falls

Allround forest trees

Nestled inside the 32-acre of land park in the Belfountain Conservation Area with an easy, 1.5-kilometre climbing trail, the Belfountain waterfall is a serene space with nurseries and fishing spots for a perfect, outdoorsy day. Walk over the engineered overpass and you can walk across the falls to take a closer look at the water. Once you observe the waterfall, you can find the nearby West Credit River and Bruce trail to continue your adventure.

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10. Albion Falls

best places to visit

Located on the edge of Mountain Brow Blvd and right near Hamilton’s east end, the dramatic flow of Albion Falls is one of the most popular sights in Ontario. To reach it, pick up one of the several walking trails just past the Lover’s Leap; where a rugged path cuts through a rocky gorge and ends at viewing platforms from where you can take in the view of the 19-meter high and 18-meter wide waterfall. The water flowing down the Niagara Escarpment in Red Hill Valley is one of the most famous waterfalls in Ontario.

Driving through the postcard highlands of Ontario, one of the most majestic natural wonders you will come across are the country’s pristine showcase of waterfalls. From a slow day of trekking to a base camp expedition against the sound of a cascading stream, exploring the waterfalls in Ontario is an absolute must. Find our canada tour packages to learn more.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Waterfalls in Ontario

How many waterfalls are in Ontario?

Ontario is populated with many different waterfall regions and according to the Geographical Names of Canada, there are more than 400 waterfalls in this Canadian province.

What waterfalls can you swim in Ontario?

If you are planning to swim during your visit to the waterfalls mentioned above in the list, all of them are open and permitted for swimming. Please check with the local national park or authority to learn more before departure.

Are there any current restrictions for international arrivals in Ontario?

As per the current government guidelines, there are no restrictions on domestic travel in Ontario. Starting Jun 20, 2022 vaccination and mask mandates will no longer be required to board a plane or train in Canada.

How high is the Kakabeka Falls in Ontario?

Being the second highest waterfall in Ontario the Kakabeka waterfall has a massive height of 40 meters and is one of the largest waterfalls in the area.

How many waterfalls are there in Hamilton, Ontario?

Also known as the “City of Waterfalls,” there are a whopping 156 waterfalls in Hamilton within the city limits.

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