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Things to Do in Jamaica Adventure Park

Known for its beaches and music, it also has rivers, forests and many other reasons to fall in love. Its name, Jamaica, means “blessed place of gold”. This Caribbean island has a long history of pirates, pirates and corsairs and is the birthplace of reggae and authentic Rastafarians. Of course, Jamaica is all this, but also so much more. Dreamy beaches and vibrant nature make it a magical place to visit and discover in person. Because spending a season in Jamaica, in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, leaves no one indifferent and is something to remember.

Welcome to Jamaica! When you think of beautiful places where the water is deep blue, and the sand looks like gold, you think of Jamaica’s treasures. A land full of beauty, a paradise with many facets and colours: white sand, blue sea and sky, green forest. It’s a wonder that travellers find on all the Caribbean beaches. However, Jamaica is a bit like the home of every beach. The perfect place to relax and let yourself be carried away by the desire to have fun. Jamaica is undoubtedly the queen of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, and its beaches helped it receive this title.

Ocho Rios

It’s hard to believe that Ocho Rios was a sleepy fishing village in the past. Nowadays, the view presented to visitors is completely different: tourists are everywhere, most of them coming from many cruise ships. In short, we may not be at the level of Montego Bay, but almost. Beaches aren’t the only attraction of Ocho Ríos, as all around this beautiful place are endless destinations full of beauty not to be missed. The most famous beach in the area is Ocho Rios Bay Beach.

One of the things you shouldn’t miss is the Dunn River Falls, Jamaica’s most famous, which, for this reason, is always a bit crowded but still spectacular. One of the most photographed places, about 180 meters of flowing water flowing from one natural terrace to another. With the help of a guide, you can also hike to the top, follow safe trails and plunge into the cool lagoon for a quick swim.

On the outskirts of town, the Blue Hole is worth a visit. A magical place consists of a series of beautiful ponds in the middle of the forest, only 25 minutes by car from the Ocho Ríos. It is accessed from a small lagoon via a rope swing, somewhat like Tarzan. Then, following a guide, you hike a short walk of about 10 minutes to a large waterfall. Down there is a cave that will surprise you.

Yaaman Adventure Park – Have fun.

You can visit Jamaica Adventure Park, which is home to one of the Caribbean’s most popular landmarks and most popular tourist attractions. Apart from watching dolphins, this water park is home to various fun activities for visitors of all ages.
Several places in Jamaica offer the experience of Swim with Dolphins in Jamaica. Yaaman Adventure in Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Jamaica South Beach are excellent places to Swim with Dolphins in Jamaica. Each facility is located in a large lagoon connected to the sea. Apart from water, dolphins are also surrounded by beautiful beaches and lush flora. No artificial pools or other types of pools are allowed in the bay, so you can expect to get up close and personal with the dolphins.