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The Best Small Camping Trailers

Road trips and overlanding are more popular than ever — but not everyone can afford (or wants to) own an RV, an Airstream Classic or a custom-built overlanding rig. For some, the occasional weekend getaway to a nearby destination will quell whatever travel bug may bite (even if it leads to being bitten by new bugs).

To that end, small travel trailers are a great option for those who want the convenience of adventure but don’t have the budget or storage space to maintain the typical large vehicle associated with exploring the great outdoors.

Mini-campers are budget friendly, with many available for less than $10,000. The more the amenities, though, (like a bathroom) and the more the price tag. Nevertheless, they are compact and light, which makes them easier to maneuver.

For this list, we focus on small camping trailers that have a gross weight vehicle rating (GVWR) of no more than 5,000 pounds, do not exceed 20 feet in length (so they can fit in the average-sized garage), and can be easily towed by a mid-size truck or SUV — or, in some cases, even a regular sedan.

Small Camping Trailers from Brands You Already Know

Airstream Bambi

airstream bambi


No surprise that the road-tripping icon has a line of lightweight single-axle trailers. Along with Airstream’s classic design, Bambi models feature neutral interior colors, stainless steel appliances, plenty of windows, and a retractable awning. The entry-level Bambi 16RB measures about 16 feet long, and has a maximum GVWR of 3,500 pounds.

Price: $52,700+


Winnebago Micro Minnie

winnebago micro minnie


The ever-familiar Winnebago offers the Micro Minnie. These trailers are small in size, but offer big room for families. Even though it’s a double-axle camper (most small camping trailers use a single axle), the Micro Minnie is just seven feet wide — but smartly laid out. Sleeping quarters accommodate up to five, and windows on either side provide a nice cross-breeze on cool nights. Other amenities include USB ports and WiFi connectivity.

Price: $23,808+


Dub Box

dub box trailer

Dub Box

Not a familiar name, sure — but in terms of design, if you don’t think Volkswagen when you think of road camping, are you even thinking? The Dub Box, which sits about 16 feet long and has a 2,314-pound GVWR, will definitely make people do a double take. Other standard features include a kitchen with a two-burner stovetop and fridge, LED lighting, room for a double-sized mattress. A pop-up rooftop, you ask? Of course, that’s an option.

Price: $22,187+


The Most Affordable Small Camping Trailers

SylvanSport GO

sylvansport go trailer


The SylvanSport GO may not look like much of anything in road mode, but it’s basically a Transformer — a boring trailer that transforms into a tent camper/utility hauler/equipment rack. Measuring less than seven feet long, the pop-up tent setup expands to accommodate two XL-twin mattresses or one king. Also, it’s extremely lightweight at just 840 pounds.

Price: $10,995+


Aspen Classic Mini

aspen classic mini


If you only have the spare change you find in couch cushions, consider the Aspen Classic. The six-foot-long tent camper weighs just 350 pounds. Measuring up to 12-1/2 feet when fully opened, standard features include a king-size foam mattress, a heavy-duty seam-sealed tent, and smart built-ins like zippered access ports to storage compartments or a cooler.

Price: $3,000+


Cute and Compact Camping Trailers

Happier Camper HC1

happier camper hc1 trailer

Happier Camper

Don’t let the cutesy retro vibe of Happier Camper fool you. The HC1 model is 13 feet in length, offers a 6’1” interior height, features a modular indoor/outdoor layout, and has a GVWR of just 3,500 pounds. With its Adaptiv floor plan, you can customize your camper like it’s a life-sized Lego model. The downside? There’s only room for two.

Price: $29,950+


Jayco Jay Feather Micro

jayco jay feather micro


Jayco offers a plethora of compact and affordable mini trailers, but the most mini is the Jay Feather Micro. There are five models with GVWRs between 2,795 and 5,750 pounds. Worth noting, though, is that all but the smallest model include a bathroom — with a separate shower and toilet.

Price: $16,838+


Polydrops P17

polydrops p17


The Polydrops P17 measures 13’7” in length, but has less than four feet of interior height. Yet thanks to its gullwing doors, a foldable 3/4-sized mattress, movable table, and up to 8.7” of insulation, the P17 offers unexpected spaciousness and all-weather durability. Options include a solar panel, skylight, and galley.

Price: $14,990+


Scamp Travel Trailers

scamp travel trailers


Because Scamp trailers are sold factory direct, each order is essentially a custom build. The small trailers fit four, come in 13-, 16-, and 19-foot lengths, and are available in Standard or Deluxe trims — which really just means, bathroom or bunk beds? The GVWR for the 16-footer is 3,500 pounds, but Scamp says all sizes have been designed to be towed by small vehicles.

Price: ~$15,000+


Small Off-Road Camping Trailers

Colorado Campworks Nomadic System One

colorado campworks nomadic system one


Built for overlanding with a small footprint of barely nine feet, the Nomadic System One is 100-percent solar powered for on-demand hot water and induction cooking. Rugged but towable with a 2,000-pound dry weight, other features include a galley, a winter-ready structure and exterior mounts for gear.

Price: $40,000+


Mobi Nomad Mobi X

mobi nomad mobi x

Mobi Nomad

The Mobi X by Mobi Nomad is a read-to-go camper. Roughly 12 feet long and with a 3,300-pound GVWR, the Mobi X comfortably fits two, but can expand to accommodate up to six people. Standard features include a high-pressure water system with heater, LED lighting, and heavy duty equipment rack.

Price: ~$20,000+


Taxa Outdoors Cricket

taxa outdoors cricket trailer

Taxa Outdoors

With a NASA-inspired design, the 15-foot Taxa Outdoors Cricket was built to handle the outdoors. Lightweight and rugged, the small trailer can sleep two adults and two children, features a modular design, innovative storage solutions inside and out as well as lots of windows for cross ventilation.

Price: $34,950+


Small Teardrop Camping Trailers

nuCamp Tab 400

nucamp tab 400


The nuCamp Tab 400 features an old-school teardrop design but with new school amenities, like instant hot water and air conditioning. A compact 18 feet in length, the Tab 400 still offers a dedicated queen-sized-bed sleeping space, a spacious kitchen with storage, a three-person dinette area, and a wet bath.

Price: $31,000+


Timberleaf Classic Teardrop

timberleaf classic teardrop


The Classic Teardrop Trailer by Timberleaf features one of the largest skylights of any teardrop-style trailer on the market. At 10 feet in length, there’s plenty of usable space for a queen-size mattress, storage shelves, and an equally-laid out kitchen galley. The camper can also be customized with Allroad and Off-Road packages depending on your needs.

Price: $23,400+


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