Temptation can bring five positive outcomes

Nichole S. Gehr

Five Good Things That Can Come from Temptation - Community in Mission

Human beings experience Temptation experience every day. It is perhaps sometimes a mystery to us why God permits it. We are afflicted with moral and spiritual dangers, why? Doesn’t He have a way to protect us from temptations? What makes Him not do so? Are we meant to fail?

The will of God, what He prevents and what He permits, has many mysterious aspects. The presence of temptation in one’s life, however, can be partially explained by certain explanations.

As a result of humans having a choice, temptation is inevitable. Several of God’s creatures (angel and man) have been made free so that they may love. Children are God’s priority, not slaves, animals, or inanimate objects. It is God who desires freely loving children. To love is to be free. Having the ability to say “no” means we are free. Therefore, freedom presupposes choice.

This is a. We can learn humility through temptation. Temptation has its uses, Origin says in his commentary on prayer. In it, we discover the fullness of our misery, and we thank God for the benefits bestowed upon us (De Oratione, 29).

The mere thought of temptation shows how crazy we are! Despite knowing that certain things are harmful to us, we still desire them. You may be overweight but still crave four doughnuts at breakfast. In spite of knowing the dangers of illicit sexual activities, lust still burns within us. Despite knowing that we are heading for bankruptcy, we cannot stop spending. Yet we do the stupidest things despite thinking we are so smart, so knowledgeable, and so knowledgeable. Sometimes temptation can knock us down with the slightest breeze.

Secondly, temptation exposes the heart. When we are tempted, we are more likely to discover the truth than when we think highly of ourselves. God is our hope, but it is not enough.

Any temptation you face tends to reveal your heart. It is important to realize that all the lies we tell ourselves like, “I’m a good person in general,” must give way to the more honest assessment revealed by temptation. We are all different. Even though we love God, we also desire many inappropriate people and things. Although we are grateful to God, we also can easily retreat in fear and become stingy and unforgiving.



Three. Satan and sin can be taught to us through temptation. It may seem pleasurable to do some of the things that tempt us, but temptation is a crushing burden to anyone with a conscience, which we all have.

Temptation teaches us that the world, the flesh, and the devil oppress people. It is like carrying around a weight. A loud sound or hammer blow. We are irritated by Satan, the world, and our flesh, all of which work relentlessly to destroy us. It’s intrusive, burdensome, and annoying. Lies, half-truths, and empty promises fill temptation. As a result, all it offers is all the disasters that sin brings.


Four. We can be strengthened by temptation. “Yield not to temptation, for yielding is sin, every victory will help you to win, some other victory will help you.”

If we deal with the tests and challenges of life properly, the temptations and challenges can strengthen us. When we defeat one threat, we are better prepared to handle the next. This is true for weightlifting and athletics as well. When we lift ten pounds, we become stronger so we can lift twenty. After walking a mile, we can walk two miles.


Five. Our faith can be tested through temptation. For the time being, you may have to deal with many trials. However, this is so that your faith, which is more valuable than fire-tested gold, will lead to praise, honor, and glory when Christ Jesus appears (1 Peter 1:6-7). Being able to remain faithful in the face of temptations is a sign that one’s faith is genuine. Despite being tested, the faith has endured.


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