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The holidays are fast approaching, and many are already gearing up for their pre-booked holiday venues. The winners for me will be traveling to Muay Thai this holiday, especially to learn the art of Muay Thai. 

Besides the fact that Thailand is well situated in the tropics and doesn’t experience extreme heat waves, it is becoming a hotspot for South Asian civilization. Also, the exquisite sites and areas of attraction in Thailand make it the top destination for tourists worldwide. 

Reasons why you should travel to Thailand this holiday 

The holiday season is approaching; people are looking to do lots of fun and healthy things. You will find them all in Thailand.  

  • It is warm in Thailand.  

Thailand being a tropical nation, has all the thrills and fun that comes with warmth. Most people living in colder parts of the world seeking a change in weather should visit Thailand. However, if you get too hot, there is a lovely, breezy beach to cool off. 

  • Thailand is the home of Muay Thai. 

Muay Thai lovers hail Thailand as their home, and rightfully so. The holidays are a great season to visit Thailand and continue your practice and training in Muay Thai with fitness program.  

Furthermore, visiting Thailand will improve your current skills in sports when you interact with legends, veterans, and native trainers of the sport. There is also a lot of learning about the culture, people, and history of Thailand and Muay Thai. 

  • It is a natural environment. 

Most people speak of the word green like some abstract term; well, it is the reality in Thailand. The country has adopted a massive green initiative that is seeping into every nook of the country. The air in Thailand is rarefied, unlike the polluted ones in other industrialized cities.  

The massive stance Thailand is taking towards protecting the earth and air quality is impressive. You can improve the quality of your life during the holidays by taking a walk around Thailand roads. 

  • A country for fitness 

There is no better holiday than aged people doing things that seem outrageous or impossible in other climes.  

The re-discovery of Muay Thai in the country has led to massive growth and improvement in people’s Health. Muay Thai at Suwitmuaythai training gym can improve your fitness in short time.  

  • Beautiful islands and beach 

Have you indeed visited a beach if it is not in Thailand? Well, prepare to be amazed at the scenery and “life” around this island and beach. The beaches are properly maintained and secured all around the year. One thing you will never miss is the security of these areas.  

The safety and security in Thailand are not due to the heavy military presence, but the culture and good nature of Thai people.  

Wrapping Up 

We can go on and on about the beauty of Thailand, but some things are just better experienced. My experience through Muay Thai at Suwit Muay Thai has made me a staunch believer in the Thai people. Don’t forget to try Muay Thai training in holiday.



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