June 8, 2023

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Stadia working on fix for Journey to the Savage planet crash

Months soon after Google acquired the studio driving it, Journey to the Savage Earth at last made its debut on Stadia early this month with new expansions and no price for Professional subscribers. However, Journey to the Savage Planet on Stadia faced some crashing and freezing bugs, but a correct is coming. Nicely, with any luck , in any case.

If you take a peek at the Stadia subreddit, you are going to find many stories of Journey to the Savage Planet players encountering the game crashing or freezing. It is not super typical for problems like this to crop up on the cloud streaming platform, but normally, it is just an problem with the port that went unnoticed. However, when it happens, there’s not a ton players can do to troubleshoot the difficulty due to the fact the game is running on a server farm possibly hundreds of miles absent.

Thankfully, Google last but not least acknowledged the difficulty this 7 days. On the formal Stadia Twitter account, Google verified it was conscious of these crashing and freezing issues on Journey to the Savage World. Seemingly, the Stadia group is doing work with its companion publisher on a take care of for the challenges.

It is worthy of noting that the “partner publisher” for Journey to the Savage Planet is truly Google alone. The activity was the first revealed underneath the Stadia Games and Amusement badge for the “Developers” tag, ironically likely stay on the system on the working day that SG&E was shuttered. As a final result, we’re not entirely positive the place Google is looking to for a resolve, nevertheless the undertaking is possible falling to what continues to be of Storm Studios or the other publisher, 505 Video games.

Update 2/23: As we envisioned, Google’s shuttering of SG&E is wreaking havoc on the fix for Journey to the Savage Planet. Kotaku experiences that 505 Video games is telling people that they have no entry to the Stadia port of Journey to the Savage Earth, and as such cannot deal with the crashing challenges. A next consultant further verified that, telling the person asking to converse to Google about it, and considerably hilariously remind Google that they are the ones accountable for correcting this problem.

It’s unclear at this point when Google will deal with these issues, but we absolutely hope it’ll be soon. Whilst the bugs aren’t influencing anyone, they’re certainly discouraging for people afflicted.

Editor’s notice: The Kotaku report connected previously mentioned have many inaccuracies, most notably proclaiming that Google fired the developers who can correct these troubles. Google has not fired any builders, but is doing the job to changeover them to new roles in the corporation. Nonetheless, the reporting on 505 Online games and the crashes is normal are correct. Our headline was up-to-date to mirror the new info.

Update 2/23 #2: Google suggests on Reddit that problems with Journey to the Savage Planet have due to the fact been fixed. That is fantastic to see!

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