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Poet and Weekly correspondent Lillian Avedian debuts Journey to Tatev

It was right before a bought-out audience again in November 2019 when Lillian Avedian proclaimed her lifelong commitment to dwelling out her Armenian feminist ideals. “I have identified my voice,” she asserted through her reading of her award-successful essay at NAASR’s 65th anniversary gala in Cambridge, Massachusetts, “and that voice is indisputably that of a happy, highly effective Armenian lady.” 

Just a year afterwards that same month, Avedian, who had freshly joined the Armenian Weekly staff, would announce her forthcoming debut poetry collection—Journey to Tatev. The deeply personal and persuasive publication of 56 primary poems is Avedian’s heart and soul on paper, bravely laying bare her poetic reflections on some of the most convoluted relationships and difficult activities that have dominated her young adult life. 

Lillian Avedian, Weekly correspondent, poet and creator of Journey to Tatev (Girls on Important Press, 2021)

Avedian grew up in a sheltered, homogeneous Armenian group in southern California, the place she attended AGBU Manoogian-Demirdjian University from preschool by junior high. Although people formative a long time had been instrumental in supporting her grasp the Armenian language and develop a long lasting appreciation for Armenian literature, Avedian admits that she felt insecure and stifled by the rigorous and standard boundaries imposed by the Armenian community. These experiences ended up entrenched resources of shame, and although harming, they in the end educated and inspired Avedian’s innovative writing and Journey to Tatev

“[Journey to Tatev] is imbued with all of my hopes for what life could be further than the constraints and the restrictions and the fears that I have felt quite encumbered by in the earlier,” expressed the 22 calendar year-aged creator all through a the latest interview with her Weekly colleague. “It’s me writing my eyesight.” 

Avedian started off this writing approach though studying overseas in Santiago, Chile in the tumble of 2019. Acquiring just come out for the first time, she was feeling liberated and confident in her personal pores and skin and began drafting wondrous poems about love and queerness. When the pandemic hit and disrupted Avedian’s momentous senior 12 months at UC Berkeley, she relied on creating about her coming out journey with the hope of reconciling with the shame and heartbreak wrought by her unresolved life ordeals and interior struggles in an genuine and significant way.

“let me be! I do not want to be listed here I do not want to be queer I want to vanish sway I do not want to struggle I want to melt…”

This vital and psychologically torturous stanza in poem 39 speaks to Avedian’s individual distress ahead of coming out. Even though it may well have been a lot easier for Avedian to discover refuge in her producing and succumb to the fears of living in a mainly homophobic modern society, she claims she in the long run thought that this intricate environment is truly worth the struggle and deserving of knowing her genuine perception of self. “I resolved that it is the brave choice to be trustworthy and vulnerable…as honest as possible…excruciatingly honest…to the level that you’re opening yourself to suffering because that is how we get to the factors that are worthwhile,” claimed Avedian of her book’s central theme. 

Journey to Tatev invitations audience on a mental highway vacation, encouraged by scenic and bumpy, several hours-lengthy bus rides throughout Armenia. The textual content is bursting with colour, movement, seem, spectacular dialogues and a spectacular use of imagery the young poet addresses at least a dozen important themes such as feminism, immigration, Armenian society, gender norms, motherhood, language, sexuality, adore, religion, acceptance, rejection and guilt. Avedian, a classical pianist, also employs her innovative understanding of tunes and imagines what dancing would search like on a page, presenting imaginative and astonishing methods of conveying her inner globe with audio notes and action verbs. Journey to Tatev is notably a bilingual publication the daughter of Armenian immigrants from Iran shows her eloquence of the Armenian language with an original poem penned in her mother tongue, impressed by the experimental producing of Armenian feminists like Zabel “Sibil” Asadour, Shushanik Kurghinian and Zabel Yessayan. She credits Dr. Myrna Douzjian, the subject matter of her fascinating NAASR-sponsored essay, for her publicity to these fearless women.

As she celebrates the launch of her cathartic and intimate collection, Avedian is equally psyched about pursuing a occupation in journalism and is planning to show up at graduate faculty in the drop.

Journey to Tatev is a publication of Ladies on Important Push and is accessible for pre-purchase from its on line bookstore. Abril Books in Glendale, California will also be carrying Journey to Tatev in-retailer and on line on its release in late April.

Leeza Arakelian

Leeza Arakelian is the assistant editor of the Armenian Weekly. She is a formally qualified broadcast news author and a graduate of UCLA and Emerson University. Leeza has penned and developed for neighborhood and network tv information like Boston 25 and Al Jazeera The us.

Leeza Arakelian
Leeza Arakelian