June 5, 2023

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Oktoberfest: The Best Beer Festival in Munich 

What makes Oktoberfest unique is being the biggest beer festival on earth. The celebration originated in Munich with a great history. It began in 1810 to honor the wedding of Prince Ludwig and Therese and not as a beer festival. Until one day, the locals made a tradition and grew the number of visitors each year with beer drinking as the main event. Oktoberfest, however, has so much to offer that you will know in the rest of this post. 

Traditional Events You Can Enjoy

Oktoberfest is a long week event starting on the last days of September until the first week of October. It draws a lot of visitors around the globe, over six million every year. Many times the event was canceled due to various factors, like wars and the most recent pandemic. This did not stop organizers from planning the next beer festival which could be more exciting and memorable. 

Without further ado, take a look at the main events during Oktoberfest! 

  1. Traditional Gun Salute 

Bavarian gun salutes are the conventional method to begin and end the Oktoberfest. It is led by the Mayor with 12 gun salutes in total to commence beer drinking. The first one to drink is the Mayor which starts at exactly noon while saying the words, “O’zapft is!” 

The ceremony will end through loud noises and smoke set on the Bavaria statue. It was practiced in the 20th century up until today. This works to scare away bad spirits and to stop dangers that may affect the festival. 

  1. Traditional Costume Parade  

During the daytime, Munich locals and the visitors will march out in Wiesn downtown wearing notable outfits. This tradition commences around 1950 and often lands on the first Sunday as Oktoberfest begins. Many famous groups may join the parade following the route all through the city of Munich. 

Guests at the Oktoberfest dressed in that purported dirndl or basically a 19th-century outfit. This is the best time to stand out from the crowd by wearing unique and traditional clothes to feel the essence of the procession. 

For sightseers, better show up sooner than later on the stands set along the parade’s course to partake in the best view.

  1. Traditional Brewery Parade

Horses played a vital role during the very first Oktoberfest parade. This has not been removed in the ceremony as horses march with the carts to the main area. It comes with brass bands making the parade livelier and more fun. This is also led by the Mayor right after the gun salutes and first beer barrel. 

Other Surprises Only At Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is more than a tradition but a celebration for both locals and foreign visitors. Below are the other highlights of the beer festival that you should know:

  • Beer Tents For Rent 

Beer tent reservations will make your Oktoberfest experience much more joyful. Such tents are inclusive of both foods and drinks enough for the night. Visitors can pick between small and large tents. Plus, the actual booking is free and is available on the web.

Oktoberfest advances friendship, so there is no such an incredible concept as, “Table for two.” Each table can cater to many guests. With that, a spot should be reserved right off the bat not to lose the chance to better enjoy beer drinking.  

  • A Concert Experience

Oktoberfest is a bit quiet during the day but the volume gets louder when the party begins. This is part of the tradition which is directed by the city chairman and Wiesn celebrities. It is held at the foot of the Bavaria sculpture and is open to everybody. The performers play customary walks and tunes while releasing balloons out of sight briefly. The entire event is shared on Bavarian TV for the locals who cannot come to the show.

  • Amazing Rides

Oktoberfest fun is lacking without the rides. This feature is added for the kids to enjoy the festival and the location is away from the beer tents. There is a roller coaster ride that is safe for children and even adults can enjoy it. 

The swing merry-go-round is intended for both youthful and old. Riding on this allows you to see the site from a higher place. 

Extreme rides also exist, such as the cult ride and the Skyfall. These are ideal for older individuals who are courageous enough to take on the ride. 

The downside is that drunk people go to the carnival and could mess up. Therefore, the officials urge adults to stay in the beer tents at night. The staff will take the responsibility to keep watch on the children. 

  • Local Cuisines 

Munich can also offer delicious cuisines to visitors. If you are not a drinker, you can still relish the festival by eating around. Foods may exist in the tents, including a wide variety of wines. 

Final Thoughts 

Getting started with the beer festival experience, contact a reliable Oktoberfest tours provider to book your trip. It is a popular event and so the tickets might be running out. Finding a hotel earlier helps you secure the best spots. When you arrive in Munich, make sure to enjoy every moment and make the most out of your Oktoberfest experience. Lastly, drink beer moderately and be with your families and friends all the time.