June 22, 2024

Ensanta Catalina

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National Museum in Male – An Exciting Journey Into Maldives History, Culture and Heritage

The National Museum in Male is a must visit attraction in the Maldives as it displays the rich culture and heritage of the nation. The museum contains numerous relics and objects that date back to the Maldivian monarchy era and its pre-historic Islamic period. The place was opened up to the public on the nation’s National Day in 1952 with the intention of preserving the rich heritage and history of the Maldives, and evoking a sense of patriotism in the local people.

The building in which the National Museum of Male is housed in and its location has special historical significance. The museum is situated in Sultan Park, which forms part of the compound on which the Maldivian Royal Palace once stood hundreds of years ago. The palace, which was demolished, dates back to the ancient period of the 17th century. The interior of the museum is preserved from the era of Maldives Sultanate bearing handwritten texts from the Islamic Quran on its walls.

The range of items on display at the National Museum in Male is extensive, consisting of objects such as relics from the nation’s pre- Islamic era, royal furnishings, thrones, coins, ornaments, arms and armour. Textile exhibits consist of items such as belts, fancy slippers, ceremonial gowns and colourful turbans worn by Maldives monarchy. Highlights from the collection at the museum include an 11th century coral Buddha head and a 16th century feyli kohlu garment worn by a famous Sultan, which displays the intricate weaving skills of that period.