Craving for a lovely villa for your Ubud Bali resorts, you can hop into Amarea Resort. Amarea Resort Ubud is a hidden gem resort for a relaxing stay in the enchanted nature and exotic culture of Ubud.

Adorned by the luxury and mystical atmosphere of Ubud, Amarea Resort is designed to embrace eclectic, romantic, and wondrous ambiance where guests can indulge in safe and exciting activities that connect and nurture the inner self with mother nature.

This hidden gem resort features Deluxe Rooms, Suite Rooms with Bathtubs, cottage rooms with bathtubs, and Two Bedroom Forest View villas with Private pools. It is completed with various lifestyle facilities such as a Public Pool, Gym, Yoga venue, and Lounge to make each stay remarkable.

Spending time at Amarea Resort Ubud is nothing but a perfect sanctuary to escape and reconnect with ourselves. As a lovely place to stay, Amarea Resort will grand you with the perfect honeymoon experience you ever had.

There is a lovely floating breakfast in the morning to indulge in or sip the afternoon tea while you soak in your private pool. To boost your honeymoon experience, you can try the massage and spa and the Japanese resto for dinner.

Amarea Resort comes with a beautiful ambiance with a stunning pool area. The staff is exceptionally nice and welcoming. Complimentary yoga class is a great idea and the teacher was terrific.

Other than that, the resort has a beautiful public pool with forest and river views. The river’s sound made me feel relaxed during the yoga class. The room was clean and this resort was equipped with laundry service.

This Ubud Bali resorts is located in Jl Sawah Indah Gang Amarea no 8, Ubud. Tucked in an enchanting neighborhood of Ubud, the resort is a nice spot for exploring the city. If you want to have a lovely villa for your honeymoon in Ubud, come to Amarea Resort. Learn more about Amarea Resort Ubud on Instagram @amareaubud or contact here.