June 8, 2023

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LEGO Builder’s Journey Review (Switch eShop)

As an grownup, LEGO usually means a chaotic Sunday afternoon spent with a chunky handbook, tons of small plastic luggage, and liberal use of the brick separator instrument, since you unintentionally skipped ten ways and now the thing is stuck to the other factor and you tried using to pry it off but your nails are as well shorter and perhaps you have to have to get a split to look at something that isn’t really minuscule plastic for a bit.

As a child, even though, LEGO is much more like “I have a significant tub of bits and I’m heading to put them alongside one another to make a SPACESHIP Robotic PRINCESS with a JETPACK”. Quite a few of LEGO’s games recently have been about the former — grasp builders, official sets recreated in on-monitor polygons, promptly re-building one thing to make something else — but LEGO Builder’s Journey is quite considerably about the latter.

At its main, LEGO Builder’s Journey is a puzzle recreation, informed as a result of easy vignettes with a single goal, which is generally “get to the other side”. A variety of obstructions — rivers, damaged bridges, chasms and so on — will need to be triumph over in buy to journey onwards, and afterwards on, these obstructions turn a minor much more summary as you attempt to appease computer systems and do the job with a bizarre but lovable pet dog/mailbox hybrid.

You participate in the game as a kid, but not a minifig you’re just a bunch of bricks stacked collectively to make a kid-like shape. You go on adventures with your mum or dad, who is also a stack of bricks, and you build… largely utter nonsense. This is not about precision, and it really is not about next directions it is about creativity. You can convert a pile of styles into a bridge or a sandcastle, and you can make a rickety walkway that winds its way over a swamp. LEGO is a implies to an conclusion, and that finish is having enjoyment.

LEGO Builder’s Journey was at first an Apple Arcade game, and like many other Apple Arcade games — which include its clear inspiration, Monument Valley — it is loaded with story, despite its deceptively uncomplicated presentation. On Switch, it can be been nearly doubled in size, with excess amounts on leading of what the unique release had that grow the tale a little additional. You see, young ones can have exciting with LEGO all they like, but moms and dads have to operate to pay for that LEGO, and your guardian is whisked away mid-build to do some incredibly tedious factory perform (which is also LEGO).

This tedium is there to make a place about innovative liberty and childlike marvel compared to the monotony of adulthood and the decline of imagination and fun, which it does very expertly devoid of a one line of dialogue. The audio layout and the animation arrive collectively to produce convincing minimal dioramas of repetitive and boring perform for the parent, and magic and speculate for the child. But the difficulty is that the repetitive and boring stuff is… effectively… repetitive and dull. For the reason that of the absence of dialogue, also, it really is very hard in the afterwards levels to determine out what on earth you are intended to be accomplishing.

Early puzzle levels are remarkably easy to determine out, as they usually entail your character needing to transfer forwards one particular step at a time, but afterwards puzzles are very obtuse, specifically in the new concentrations. It can even really feel a very little like padding at occasions, as the two figures preserve juuuust missing every single other, having to do a number of additional puzzles in get to fulfill up once more.

What is actually additional, it really is in some cases a little bit fiddly to place down bricks since of the game’s very own constraints. Simplicity is vital in these little vignettes, but simplicity can sometimes obscure issues a very little far too substantially, particularly if you’re employing controllers. The touchscreen controls are much much more obtainable, but we found that we didn’t definitely… want to participate in the video game on the touchscreen, you know? That’s not seriously how this reviewer tends to interact with the Swap. Your mileage could fluctuate on that a single, of study course.

We under no circumstances bought stuck for much too extended, even though, and the new degrees surely have fascinating activity style and design which elevates the puzzles beyond just “get to the other aspect”, but it from time to time feels like the activity is overstaying its welcome. More information is a good issue, but the recreation has a quite all-natural ending — its primary ending — that is neatly stepped over so that the excess degrees can stick to on.

Still, the match is fairly gorgeous (despite the fact that noticeably less pretty than the RTX Personal computer variation, which has pretty dynamic lights and raytracing), and its new and appealing choose on what it suggests to engage in (with LEGO, of class) is some thing we would love to see a lot more of, along with its franchise-large adventure game titles. We can picture it staying a excellent working experience to engage in with a kid who’s starting to find out how to experiment, because Builder’s Journey is all about fulfilling demo and mistake.

The video game will acquire you an night or two to engage in via all the way to the (2nd) ending, building it a bitesize game that’s an experiment, a evidence-of-notion, a initial tentative phase in a path that’s new and interesting for LEGO games. It can make a couple of missteps in prioritising its aesthetic above its accessibility as a puzzle sport, guaranteed — but the point remains that this is one thing we might adore to see a lot more of.


In the course of LEGO Builder’s Journey, we identified that the aim of the game was to make you experience like a kid — no matter if or not you are one particular. Acquiring back in contact with the pre-guide-adhering to edition of yourself is a delight, and owning the story be about a father or mother and a baby connecting by means of child’s enjoy is as touching as it is good. In spite of occasional misfires and what can truly feel like padding, this is a LEGO activity which performs with the essential philosophy of creativity significantly additional than the regular LEGO-branded title, and we hope this is an indicator of new video games to occur.