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Know before you park it | Glade Sun

Parking coverage violations are the most prevalent infractions that arise in Fairfield Glade.

The good news is, there are very clear tips for steering clear of the complications of unacceptable parking techniques and their undesirable impact on the group. 

Here is some data that must aid distinct up queries you may have about why you acquired a violation letter about parking on your house.

There are two primary elements to the parking plan which all house owners agree to when they purchase assets in Fairfield Glade. 

The first a person is observed in the to start with sentence of the coverage:

“Parking of any car or truck off the driveway is prohibited besides for Architectural Regulate (AC) authorised parking pads.” 

This generally means no parking on the grass. If you have to have a lot more parking space, the AC business can be contacted for authorization for a parking pad, and they will offer you with suggestions on how it can be produced.

The second restriction claims:

“Overnight parking of cars and other equipment … shall not be permitted on any good deal, road, road, or frequent house in Fairfield Glade.” 

This restriction is adopted by a listing of autos that are restricted from parking overnight. 

These contain this sort of factors as transportable storage containers motor households vacation trailers recreational motor vehicles truck tractors/trailers boats boat trailers and boat accessories, which incorporates motors and sails. 

Compact boats which are not on a trailer may perhaps be stored in the rear of your residence.

Parking of utility trailers and business vehicles these kinds of as all those used for enterprise with logos or signage on them are not authorized to be parked on your house overnight.

There are numerous sites wherever these can be parked or saved:

Fairfield Glade RV and Boat Storage, 102 Fairview Rd., 931-248-0710

Glade Retail store N Lock, 5653 Peavine Rd., 931-484-0588

Franklin Put Storage, 5429 Peavine Rd., 931-456-2665

Underneath unique conditions and with proper progress permission, temporary parking may well be permitted. 

Permits for short term parking may possibly be obtained all through ordinary company hrs — 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. weekdays — at the AC Business office. Email to: [email protected] soon after several hours.

The parking policy of your deed-limited community can be located on the Fairfield Glade web site, > Member Login > My Property > Home Procedures > Parking Coverage. 

If you have any queries regarding the Parking Policy, please phone the AC business office at 931-707-2149 or electronic mail [email protected]