Have a Plan for Staycation? Check This Out for a Comfortable While Staying at The Hotel

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How to plan a staycation and make it feel like a real vacation (2020) |  BenQ Asia Pacific

A staycation is one of the newest vacation styles that is in great demand by the public today, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic emerged. Many people choose a staycation instead of going to a tourist place because they can get the maximum rest from busy office work.

Then, what is a staycation? Staycation is another kind of vacation that is only at the hotel by enjoying the existing facilities. Therefore, choosing a hotel to stay is very important, you have to get a hotel according to your needs and desires. If you intend to staycation in the Tanjong Pagar area, one of the best recommendations is Sofitel Singapore.

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Beside choosing the right hotel, so that your staycation feels optimal, follow these tips for a comfortable stay at the hotel that will be shared in this article.

1.   Bring Electrical Outlet

When you decide to go on a staycation, one of the most important things is a smartphone. Sometimes a staycation will feel boring, so people need gadgets to pass the time.

Therefore, always make sure your gadget’s power is full. However, anything can happen and you have to charge it in the middle of a staycation activity. When you are staycation with friends or family, sometimes the number of electrical outlets is not sufficient, so you have to bring your own electrical outlet.

If you forget to bring it, you can see the back of the hotel television, whether there is an additional USB port or not. You can use the USB port on the back of the television to charge your smartphone while staying at a hotel.

2.   Avoid Items Made from Glass

A hotel employee gives tips to make visitors more comfortable staying at the hotel, avoiding using items made of glass. That’s because if the glass breaks it is quite difficult to clean properly, sometimes it still leaves debris that can injure the feet.

Besides the reason for fear of breaking, some hotels sometimes do not clean glasses or plates properly and leave bacteria. In fact, some hotels just rinse without washing with soap.

3.   No Need to Bring Jewelry

Leave all your jewelry at home. Many people remove jewelry when bathing or sleeping, this is a big opportunity to be left behind. Then, it also avoids forgetting to put these items and bothering everyone.

However, if you are on a business trip and require to bring important items that might be stolen, you can store them in a safe deposit box. Most hotels are equipped with a safe deposit box for each room.

4.   Don’t Open The Door Immediately Before Checking Who’s Knocking

The hotel is always equipped with tight security, from CCTV to security guards. However, bad things can happen and we must always be careful.

If someone knocks on your hotel room door, don’t open it right away. You can check through the peephole in the hotel room door to make sure who it is. Then, never leave the hotel room empty and unlocked because theft can occur.

5.   Bring a Plastic Bag

Bringing a plastic bag is also important, especially during the current Covid-19 pandemic. To keep you comfortable using the remote control for AC or TV, wrap the remote in a clear plastic bag.

Then, bringing a large plastic bag is also a must. If you plan to swim, you can store wet clothes in the plastic bag so that the bag and other items don’t get wet.

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