May 28, 2023

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G Flip Opens Up About Gender Identity & Being A Non-Binary Role Model

G Flip has opened up about their journey exploring their gender id in a prolonged Instagram story and defined the this means powering their latest single, “Waste Of Space”.

The comprehensive Notes Application tale posted on Thursday (Worldwide Non-Binary People’s Working day) dived into the response G Flip gained following they came out as non-binary earlier this calendar year. They also talked about when they started off emotion confused about their gender and how they want to be the position design they never experienced in their personal daily life.

“A number of months back, my gender identification grew to become the topic of innumerable headlines and discussed and debated by strangers considerably much more than I at any time thought was possible,” they wrote.

“Since then, I have been flooded with messages, several with questions about me currently being non-binary. There have been a lot of basically seeking to recognize what remaining non-binary is and suggests, as well as from moms and dads on the lookout for guidance on how to most effective assist their non-binary youngsters.

“Unfortunately, even so, I have also received a great deal of hateful messages directed at my gender and how I determine and express myself. Some have even straight-up instructed me that I’m not non-binary.”

G Flip explained that as they’ve gotten a lot more of these messages, they realised just how considerably the earth requires additional education about knowing and accepting genders outside the house of the binary. They also realised that the way they support to teach others is via their new music and how if they had read a tune like “Waste Of Space” as a child it would have been everyday living-modifying.

“My 1st memory of being baffled about my gender was when I was seven,” they wrote.

“I chosen to play with the boys and wore the boys uniform to school since I believed I was one of them. But 1 day, the boys advised me I couldn’t participate in with them any longer mainly because I was a girl.”

G Flip explained that they then went to perform with the women at school but was rejected all over again because they have been dressed like a boy.

“The children would call me a ‘waste of space’ and I was ostracised,” they said.

“This left me baffled.”

G Flip claimed that looking at a track about their gender identification is one thing so particular, they felt it was deeply significant to “represent it properly from commence to finish”.

“I’m happy to say that the whole cast of the music movie identifies as non-binary or genderfluid,” they wrote.

“The crew guiding the digital camera are above 85% queer and 55% gender non-conforming. For everybody concerned with “Waste Of Space”, it wasn’t just a different working day at do the job.”

They said they really feel like their reason in life is to help educate the planet on gender identity by means of their artistry and are concentrating on remaining “the non-binary job product that I hardly ever experienced increasing up.”

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