May 29, 2023

Ensanta Catalina

Aventure et nature

Destination Pennsylvania: ZooAmerica

HERSHEY, Pa. (WHTM) — Appropriate upcoming to Hersheypark, and included in your park admission, is the North American wildlife zoo called ZooAmerica. About 200 creatures are cared for at this family members walkthrough experience.

“So, you get to see animals that it’s possible stay in your backyard or maybe you see them when you go on getaway,” Alicia Snyder, an education professional at ZooAmerica reported,

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You will absolutely want to look at out the new arrivals.

“A large 1 is our Bull Elk. His identify is John Henry. He just turned two yrs outdated, but he is on show in this article with two of our women and then we do have a Diamondback Terrapin and we also have Western Diamondback Rattle Snake who is in our Excellent Southwest Developing,” Snyder explained.

From porcupines to wolves, you can discover so a lot of distinctive animals at ZooAmerica.

“I actually like Porcupines. they enjoy to climb trees and a ton of men and women really don’t notice they can climb trees,” Snyder reported. “The draw below is just observing all types of animals doing their pure behaviors,” she additional.