A Guided Day Tour Has These 5 Advantages

Nichole S. Gehr
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It’s true.  Guided tours never appealed to me.  I was very much of the mindset when I was a young traveler that one should get around a foreign country on one’s own without any assistance.  Having to do everything on my own helped me develop travel skills, such as reading train and bus schedules and planning logistics, but it was quite exhausting if the information was outdated or inaccurate.  The process of making sure everything was in order and set took a lot of time and effort.  Furthermore, it could be stressful if something went wrong and you were far from a large city where you could get assistance.

It is easy to get to places

It is possible to see different sites on a guided Day Tour Bangkok that would not otherwise be accessible or possible if you were traveling alone.  In El Salvador, for instance, I took a guided tour of Ruta de las Flores (Road of Flowers), a route that crosses several small and colorful colonial towns.  I could have only done this in a guided day tour or public transportation since my Spanish is so limited, and I didn’t want to drive.  I wanted to return to San Salvador before sunset, and the public transportation route would have been cheaper but much longer.  As a result of my limited Spanish skills and the fact that public transportation did not go there or required different transfers, I was also able to go to some other places in El Salvador with my guide that I would not have been able to visit on my own.

The plan does not need to be planned

I find that guided day tours are the most convenient because very little planning is required on your part.  I used to spend hours looking at maps while figuring out how to get to a place using the train or bus before I became a fan of guided day tours. This would be quite difficult because information is not always accurate, and times might not always coincide, so you might end up waiting in a train or bus station.  It was always challenging for me to coordinate the transportation so that I wouldn’t get stranded like I did in rural Moldova.  However, with a guided day tour, those issues are not a problem since everything is already taken care of, and depending on the size of the group, the guide will go at your own pace.

Get Historical Insights

I also enjoy guided day tours because the guides often provide information and background into what you are seeing.  This is especially useful if you don’t know much about the country or its culture.  This has been particularly useful when I have been on guided day tours in Africa as I would not have known what I was seeing since my knowledge of Africa is rather limited. 

The fourth benefit is time savings

Sometimes it is best to take a guided day tour if you have limited time.  By taking a guided day trip, you don’t have to waste time figuring out transportation schedules or operating hours.  Simply enjoy the day.

Meeting other people is 5)

When I take guided tours, sometimes it is just me and the guide, sometimes it’s me with a few other visitors, or sometimes it’s a large group.  Each tour is different.  During my last few tours in Mauritius and Ethiopia, I travelled alone with the driver and a guide who spoke some English.  Regardless, you have the chance to meet people from around the world when you go on a guided day tour.  I have become friends with people I met on guided day tours.  It is also possible to get to know each other if it is just you and a guide.  My free and candid conversation with my tour guide has allowed me to learn more about a country and its culture than any other method.

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