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8 Most Beautiful Cities in Europe to Visit in Winter – Live Fun Travel

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It is no top secret, I like wintertime.  Even nevertheless we live in Florida, I grew up in Pennsylvania at a time when it snowed in November and thawed in March.  It has always been a magical time and winter in Europe is extraordinary.  If it was fully remaining to me, I would only check out Europe in the wintertime.  The Xmas markets, the extraordinary landscapes, the quaint villages and eclectic towns and the cozy areas to remain to appreciate a incredibly hot consume after a day in the chilly. And all of it with small holidaymakers. 

In this article is a collection of the most beautiful towns in Europe to learn, get pleasure from winter, and expertise the pleasures of this pleasurable year. 

1 – Venice, Italy

Why check out Venice in winter?

It is the finest way to keep away from the extremely touristy season. You can delight in the deserted alleys, which is scarce in this preferred spot in Italy.

What to see in Venice in wintertime?

The winter lights replicate on the colorful facades to convey Venice a mysterious ambiance like you do not obtain in any other season. December, January and February chain the functions, commencing with the Christmas period when the metropolis is adorned, and the stores adorned to flavor the occasion. 


2 – London, England

Why visit London in winter season?

London is a nice metropolis in all seasons, however it is especially appreciated in winter season. The chic decorations, particularly on Oxford Street at Xmas time, are a person of the first factors that encourage you to go to it in winter season. There are lots of tea rooms, so you can please on your own soon after a working day of sightseeing or buying in the city. 

What to see and what to do in London in winter?

There are a lot of matters to do in London like procuring, Oxford Avenue, Covent Garden, Harrod and quite a few much more. Of program, you can check out many monuments, this kind of as the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace, where by you will witness the switching of the guard. And of training course, an English Breakfast and Teatime are essential.


3 – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Why take a look at Amsterdam in winter? 

Like a postcard, Amsterdam, less than its white coat, presents a mesmerizing see. The streets are quieter than typical, so it is much easier for you to get pleasure from them. 

What to see in Amsterdam in winter? 

From November to January, appreciate the “ Amsterdam Gentle Festival” which lights up the city’s canals. It is the perfect time to pay a visit to the many Museums, you can appreciate them in peace, with out currently being jostled by the crowd.


4 – Budapest, Hungary

Why stop by Budapest in winter season? 

To witness one of the ideal Xmas markets. We however enjoy its illuminations which give lifetime to the metropolis. The illuminations in the unique districts of Budapest past all winter and carry a joyful ambiance through this year. 

What to see in Budapest throughout the wintertime? 

It is the perfect time to appreciate the museums and art galleries, you will be warm, and there are not as well numerous people. Also worthy of observing are the various castles of Budapest, these kinds of as Vajdahunyad Castle. It is immersed in a specifically mysterious and magical environment in this time.

The common Budapest thermal springs are a need to. Go to the Széchenyi thermal baths. You will certainly enjoy the waters at 38°C beneath the snow. A distinctive expertise not to be missed. You can nonetheless twirl on the most significant ice rink in Europe.


5 – Reykjavik, Iceland

Why travel to Reykjavik in wintertime?

Winters are the excellent season to pay a visit to Reykjavik. There is no scarcity of routines, snow is on the agenda, and the motels are incredibly cozy. What could be much more enjoyable immediately after a day in the cold?

What to see in Reykjavík?

Obviously, just one does not go by Iceland with out halting to see the aurora borealis illuminating the sky with environmentally friendly reflections reflecting on the snow. Also, go by means of the rotating glass dome of Perlan, the place you can take pleasure in a breathtaking watch of the sea and the encompassing hills! The historic centre of Reykjavik is also a pretty enjoyable place. 

You can take a look at museums, such as the Sagas Museumretracing, the record of the Vikings, or the National Museum. And, of course, do not overlook the many excursions, this sort of as the a person to see the Northern Lights or the a person major to the Blue Lagoon, the place you can delight in a thermal bath. And for the most unusual practical experience, you can even go to meet up with the whales.


6 – Salzburg, Austria

Why Pay a visit to Salzburg in Wintertime?

If snowy locations enchant you, Salzburg is the excellent vacation spot. Lined with a massive white coat in winter season, it is just elegant and will give you the most beautiful spectacle. 

What to see in Salzburg in winter?

It also presents a impressive Christmas market, 1 of the most stunning in the planet, not to be missed. You can, therefore, of class, get rid of two birds with just one stone and visit this stunning European metropolis at Christmas time to encounter the magic of this vacation beneath the snow. Exterior Xmas, Salzburg is a quite pleasurable city, with its wealthy architecture and many cafes, wherever you can cease for a warm consume.


7 – Rovaniemi, Finland

Why check out Rovaniemi in winter season?

Rovaniemi is the great wintertime place. You will see snow as much as you can see, and you will get pleasure from a serious split and a total change of landscapes. 

What to see in Rovaniemi in wintertime?

Official metropolis of Santa Claus, it is also an perfect spot in December. Not lacking in treasures, it is also lovely in other seasons. You can admire the Northern Lights in the night, a must if you program to make this trip. 

As for things to do, you can explore the environment of Rovaniemi by featuring a snowmobile safari, a husky sledging excursion or a reindeer to get the time to admire the sumptuous landscapes.


8 – Oslo, Norway

Why visit Oslo in winter season?

Oslo is the wintertime funds of the environment, what far better time to pay a visit to then? 

What to see in Oslo in wintertime?

Oslo is a charming metropolis with a warm, loved ones environment. You will enjoy strolling there for lengthy hours, below the snow, in the middle of the scintillating illuminations.

Athletics activities abound, starting up with the numerous ice rinks, passing through the national winter season park and the premier ski vacation resort in the town. You can still appreciate the in depth toboggan runs. Do not pass up 4000 a long time of skiing background at the Holmenkollen Globe Ski Museum.


Our Ultimate Word

For me, winter season is the most distinctive time of the calendar year.  Crack out the sweaters, find your winter coat and head outside.  Irrespective of whether you have a snowball struggle, hike on snowshoes, or just stroll-through town, afterwards head within for a drink to heat you up.  And no 1 does winter season superior than Europe.  We have been to Norway, England, Germany, Italy and Sweden throughout the winter, and it doesn’t disappoint.  It is always loaded up with welcoming locals, traditions and outstanding landscapes.  We hope to see you there.