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18 Markets in Mexico | Best Mexico Markets Guide (NEW 2022)

The Markets in Mexico are a great place to visit for the day. The atmosphere is friendly and the people are very welcoming. You can buy everything from clothes to food, jewelry or toys, and even pets!

The best part about going to the markets is that it’s so cheap! It’s also a great way to get some cheap souvenirs for friends and family back home.

There are many markets in Mexico that are worth visiting fixed markets and public markets. 

And Mexico has some of the liveliest markets in North America.

What are Markets in Mexico Like?

Markets are a great way to experience local culture.

In Mexico, markets are bustling places where you can find everything from food to crafts. They’re also a great place to get a taste of local culture. With their colorful stalls and loud chatter, markets are an excellent way to explore Mexico’s culture. 

And to see what makes Mexico’s towns unique. From the Yucatan’s Valladolid market (which sells traditional Mayan-style jewelry). To Mexico City’s Mercado de Sonora (where you’ll find hand-embroidered blouses). 

There’s no shortage of markets in Mexico that will help you find unique gifts. Or souvenirs for your friends back home-or maybe even yourself!

What Will I find at Markets in Mexico

If you’re looking for fresh produce, then the fixed markets in Mexico are the place to go. 

There’s no better way to get a variety of fresh fruit. And vegetables from local vendors who can tell you exactly where the food is sourced. 

The same goes for fish and meat: if you want great quality meat or seafood, then markets in Mexico are your best bet.

You’ll also find vendors selling fresh flowers at many marketplaces and cheeses and pastries. Some of these items will be available at supermarkets as well. But at a much higher price point because they’re imported from other countries. Whereas most market stalls will sell locally produced products (and therefore much cheaper).

Are the Markets in Mexico Safe for Tourists

Like most things with “is Mexico safe for travelers“. The answer is yes and no. 

The most common crimes are pick-pocketing and purse snatching. In some cities, there have been occasional instances of muggings. But these are isolated events. Mostly, tourists have nothing to fear when visiting the markets in Mexico.

What is the best way to stay safe while visiting the markets in Mexico? 

Well, it is to use common sense, as you would anywhere else in the world. 

Don’t walk around with valuables like jewelry or large amounts of cash in your pockets or purse. If possible, leave them locked up safely at your hotel or hostel until you need them again. 

Keep your securities secure by leaving them locked up in the hotel. 

You can also hop on a food tour if you are nervous. And since you’ll be with a local guide, and a group of people, you are safer. 

The Ultimate List of Markets in Mexico

Central de Abasto

The Central de Abasto is your go-to market for purchasing many food items. In Mexico City, this market has been around since the 19th century. And is currently one of the largest in Latin America.

The Central de Abasto has everything you could need with fresh produce and more. You can find everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to meats, and cheese. As well as baked goods like bread and churros (Spanish doughnuts), spices, and more! The variety here is endless!

You can buy anything your heart desires at this market. Whether it’s a Mexican specialty dish or something basic like eggs or milk. Everything you need will be here waiting for you…if not cheaper than at any other store in town!

La Lagunilla

La Lagunilla is the largest market in Mexico City. It has a bit of everything, and it’s a great place to shop for antiques, crafts, and other souvenirs. You can also find Mexican art here that you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re looking for pottery from all over Mexico (or even from other parts of Latin America), this is your spot!

La Lagunilla market is a great place to go shopping for clothes, shoes, and souvenirs. You can find shops selling everything from purses and jewelry to clothing and shoes. There are also many foods stands around the market area. They offer delicious tacos and other Mexican food items.

El Bazar Sábado

El Bazar Sábado is in the Centro Historico of Mexico City. And it’s a fantastic place to buy Mexican food, souvenirs, crafts, and antiques. The vendors are all set up on the street and inside tents. There are also many restaurants with great food if you get hungry while shopping.

The market has a wide variety of products that may include, but is not limited to:

Amate papers (handmade paper made from bark fibers)

Crochet items such as purses, hats, scarves, and bags

Jewelry made from silver or beads

Tequila bottles with designs printed on them

Leather goods such as belts or wallets (Like the stuff you can find in New Mexico)

Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Market

This is one of the most popular arts and crafts markets in Mexico City. It’s in an area called Tlaquepaque which was once an old textile factory that dates back to the 18th century.

They have renovated it into a gigantic market. With over 1,000 stalls! They are selling everything from paintings, ceramics, glassware, sculptures, and more! There’s also a restaurant there called El Quijote de Tlalpan. Which serves traditional Mexican food and wine from different regions around Mexico.

San Juan de Dios Market

We know this market for its enormous variety of different products. Including textiles such as blankets, clothing, and jewelry. They made many of them from leather or beads; leather goods such as purses

Mercado de Jamaica

The Mercado de Jamaica (often just called Mercado Jamaica) is in the historic center of Mexico City. The market is in the neighborhood of Jardines del Pedregal. It’s right next to the metro station Metrobus Jamaica. And can be reached easily by public transportation.

Speaking of Jamaica, check out our article on if Jamaica is safe to travel to. 

Mercado Medellin

The Mercado Medellin is an otherworldly place. It is a sensory overload of colors, smells, and sounds that assault your senses at every turn. It’s in the vibrant neighborhood of Colonia Roma Norte. And is one of the oldest traditional markets in Mexico City.

There are over 200 stalls selling everything from clothes to furniture to cosmetics. But what we’re talking about here is food! Of course, there are some great places for tacos (shrimp tacos will blow your mind). But you can also get some truly exceptional seafood dishes here. 

Mercado Roma

Mercado Roma is the place to go if you love food. They filled the stalls here with fresh produce, spices, and oils from all over Mexico. There are also plenty of vendors selling prepared foods like tamales and tacos, so you can enjoy a quick lunch before heading back out into the city.

Mexico City is home to some of the best markets in the world. And if you’re in search of a souvenir for friends or family, there are plenty of artisans at Mercado Roma. They have everything from hand-painted pottery to intricate metal jewelry pieces that will surely catch anyone’s eye!

If you’re feeling adventurous, don’t forget about the food court in the middle. Where there are lots of vendors serving up tasty street foods like huaraches (thick tortillas topped with refried beans).

Amazing quesadillas, or even tacos al pastor (spicy pork). Savory isn’t your thing? Then grab yourself some sweet treats such as churros dipped in chocolate sauce. Or flan de Leche (custard).

Markets in Mexico | Best Mexico City Markets

Mercado de San Juan

Sitting in the Coyoacán neighborhood of Mexico City. Mercado de San Juan is a vibrant market. With over 200 stands selling everything from homemade mole sauce to colorful embroidered blouses.

The best time to go is during the weekend. Because there are special events such as live music performances. And sometimes cooking classes on Saturdays and Sundays between 10 am and 3 pm.

There’s also a flea market section. Here you can find handicrafts, antiques, books, and jewelry that are worth checking out. It’s an excellent place to buy gifts or souvenirs before leaving Mexico City!

La Roma Market

La Roma Market is in the Roma neighborhood, making it an easy jump from most tourist destinations. It’s open every day of the week, but perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s best to visit on Sundays when there’s more action.

They broke the market down into sections. One for produce; another for meat; and a section with clothing and accessories. But that is not all. You can also find household goods and crafts. 

Plus food stalls. Many of them sell tacos de carnitas (braised pork) with fresh salsa verde. These are must-try if you’re visiting Mexico City!

And since this market is less touristy than others on our list. Your wallet will thank you for not spending too much at any one vendor. And it is a famous public market in Mexico. 

This is also one of the best Mexico markets for food.

Mercado Sonora

Mercado Sonora in Colonia Roma Norte is a great place for Mexican souvenirs and authentic food. From spicy pickled carrots to handmade tortillas. And guacamole made fresh daily. It’s a great way to get your hands on some of Mexico’s best local treasures.

If you love markets but don’t want to deal with crowds or long lines at the touristy ones, then this is the perfect option for you! It’s small and cozy; here are some recommendations:

The Sonora Market is a traditional market in Mexico City. And this local market is not for everyone. But it has a dark charm and can be a fun experience for travelers who want to get away from the touristy areas of the city. 

We know it as a witchy market. Because they sell things like Voodoo Dolls.

Mercado Portales

You can’t miss Mercado Portales. In the historic center of Mexico City, this market is open every day of the week. The selection offered is vast and includes food stalls.

But also clothes and household goods. But what makes Mercado Portales stand out from other markets in Mexico City is its wide selection of fresh produce. And its many restaurants and cafes offer local specialties. Such as tacos al pastor (marinated pork with cilantro), Menudo (tripe soup), and pozole (a type of hominy soup). 

Don’t forget the chiles en nogada (poblano peppers stuffed with fruits) and ice cream made from goat’s milk!

Get ready to check out all the amazing agricultural exports at this fixed market. 

Tuesday Tianguis Market in Condesa

When it comes to markets, Mexico City is a great place to shop for many goods. (particularly if you’re looking for things that aren’t available in your country).

The most popular market in Mexico City is the Tianguis Tuesday Market in Condesa. It’s held every Tuesday along Avenida Cuauhtémoc, between Independencia and Humboldt streets.

The Tianguis takes place seven days a week, but only on Tuesdays do they sell fresh produce-and that’s what makes this market special. Cheese, loaves of bread, and pastries are also sold here; there are even places where you can buy clothes and toys. If you’re looking for something specific. 

Or just want to browse around while having lunch at one of the many restaurants nearby, then this is an option worth checking out! 

Mercado San Juan

Today, the San Juan Market is one of the largest markets in Mexico City. With over 1,000 vendors selling everything from fruits and vegetables to clothing and toys.

The market is open every day except Monday from 10 am to 6 pm, but it’s busiest on weekends when there are more vendors than usual.

If you’re looking for a place to eat, drink or dance, then Mercado San Juan is the place to go. In the historic center of Mexico City, this market is a favorite among locals. They originally built the market in 1864 and later renovated in the 1960s.

Besides its historical significance, it’s also one of the most popular tourist attractions in Mexico City.

You’ll find everything from traditional Mexican cuisine to fine dining options and a variety of bars and nightclubs.

La Ciudadela

Mercado De Artesanias La Ciudadela is a large market of handcrafts and folk art. It is in the southwest corner of the historic center of Mexico City. The market allows visitors to explore Mexican handicrafts. From pottery to wooden toys, masks, paintings, and much more.

The market has vendors that sell a wide variety of goods. Including some that are not so typical of Mexico: African drums, Chinese Ping lanterns, and Russian nesting dolls. 

Best Food Markets in Mexico

La Merced Market

Yep, another Mexico City Markets. But we know La Merced Market for its variety of foodstuffs and merchandise. Many restaurants inside the market serve traditional Mexican cuisines. Such as tacos al pastor and quesadillas. And other international foods like Japanese sushi and Chinese dim sum. 

Besides restaurants, there are also fruit stands where you can buy fresh fruit juices. And smoothies made with fresh juice from local fruits like mangoes, papayas, or pineapples.

La Merced also features a variety of stores selling homemade goods. Natural dyes are used to make clothing accessories like hats and jewelry. Such as avocado skins or seeds from chili peppers along with other handmade crafts. 

Such as hand-painted tiles or decorated ceramic pots. These make great souvenirs for visitors who want something unique to take home from their trip to Mexico City.

la Merced is one of the best markets in Mexico for food stalls and exploring all the amazing street food. You can try everything from exotic meats to fresh fruit. 

Mercado Alternativo Pochote Xochimilco Oaxaca City

The Mercado Alternativo is a great market to try Mexican cuisine. From whole grain breakfasts to organic tejate, there is something for everyone.

It has a vast selection of Mexican food. Including whole grain loaves of bread, organic tejate (an herbal drink), and fresh juices. But also fruit smoothies, fresh-baked loaves of bread and pastries, as well as organic fruits and vegetables.

The market also has several restaurants where you can enjoy traditional Oaxaca cuisines. Such as mole negro (black mole sauce), pozole Rojo (red pork & hominy stew), and tamales de elote y queso (cornmeal & cheese tamales). It might be the best food market in the country.

Coyoacan Market

The Coyoacan Market is in the northern area of Mexico City and is one of the oldest markets in the city. It’s full of people walking around, browsing through stalls. And buying items from vendors and enjoying themselves at the many cafes that line its streets. This market is near the Frida Kahlo Museum. 

They divided the market into two parts: The Mercado de la Lagunilla (Lagunilla Market) and El Llano (The Plain). You can find everything here, including handicrafts. Food vendors selling fresh fruit juices or homemade ice cream. 

There are kiosks; artisans selling their beautiful sculptures made of wood. Musicians busking on guitars or marimbas – just be sure not to touch their instruments! 

A lot of Mexicans come here on Saturday mornings. They bring their friends along to enjoy eating freshly made tacos from small food stands while listening to live music. This artisan market is worth visiting!

La Nueva Viga Market

The La Nueva Viga Market is a seafood market in Mexico City. It is the second largest seafood market in the world. It has over 1,500 tons of seafood that it goes through daily.

The vendors sell everything from fresh fish and seafood to ready-made meals such as ceviche. And Pescado zarandeado (grilled fish). The vendors also sell prepared food including tacos de Camarones (shrimp tacos). 

As well as Quesadillas de camarones (shrimp quesadilla), empanadas de camaron (shrimp empanadas). And don’t forget burritos de camaron (shrimp burritos). Plus much more!

There are also several restaurants inside. Here you can enjoy fresh seafood while taking in all of the sights around you.

Most markets in Mexico are great. So even if you stumble upon one while checking out the Diego Rivera murals, consider checking it out. Google it quickly to make sure it is safe. But mostly, you can’t go wrong.

A Mexican market lets you explore not only the local cuisine. But also the Mexican Culture. So it doesn’t matter if you are travel to Mexico from New Zealand, the United States, South Africa, or the Middle East. There is something that you will love at Mexico markets. 

So what are you waiting for, starting exploring the best markets in Mexico